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what's wrong   
12:20pm 28/01/2005
mood: study hall boredom
what's wrong with me lucy? u r ignoring me totally and i wanna kno what's wrong. me and amy r cool right now because she tell me what happened and how she was mad at me. what's going on....am i complaining.......not being myself by the way you see it....im annoying....what........? anyway...i imagine that goerge is cute...chili wakes up at 4:00 in the moring....u will have to get used to it.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....too bad.....
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excuse me part two   
03:10pm 25/01/2005
mood: what the heck
lucy- you know how you said that u thought i'd never do such a thing....I DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!brandon was thinking that we were going to spread rumors about you and i said "No! i wont do that to lucy! that's really mean and it's not a thing i'd do" and about that "BJ" rumor, the only reason why i told amy was because i was scared! i was terrified.....so now you know that i take things way to seriously and amy was the ONLY person i had told because i trusted her and i was really really really really really really scared that something really did happen. sorry if im sounding like your mom a little bit. I DIDN'T SPREAD ANY RUMORS ABOUT ANYTHING. READ MY OTHER LIVE JOURNAL AND THAT'LL TELL YOU A LOT MORE. sorry....i still love you and yes....i was mad that u thought i was a lesbian....i think amy thinks that too and its not true. even if i were....it wouldnt matter. tell me if u still do and tell me if you have a problem with me...i want to kno.....i can definatley change.....luv u and write back or email me.....the lesbian thing is not right at all and i want to know more about it. thanx and luv u and amy and brandon! yes i can see why u can be mad at brandon about that!

03:04pm 25/01/2005
mood: tee hee
sorry lucy that i blew up on YOU. im really sorry. r u and alex still getting along...u barley talk. i had a crappy day today. i was falling asleep in the stupid assembly that they gave us and it was really boring. i was falling asleep in all of my other classes too, but lets forget that and let us all live our lives happily and peacefully. o well..........i still need to see your dog lucy! i cant wait! -hattie is here to haunt your dreams

me and brandon made up nicknames for everyone:
hattie- crustatious snot rag
lucy- something i dont remember
brandon- mad muffin
amy- i also forgot that
excuse me???????   
04:03pm 24/01/2005
lucy....i never said your dad was a rapist! who had told u that? i wasnt gonna make rumors about you anyway. i love you too much too. that's going WAY over the top.....yeah i was mad. but id NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do that to you!!!!!! NEVER! and why would you hate the fuck out of me and brandon? i mean.....that's even going over the top.....but all is forgotten and i believe you when you said that BRANDON was way pissed off. i never ever knew brandon said such a thing like that! that's mean and nasty. luv ya! u were invited to robs bar mitzva!!!???? i wasnt! was amy?
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03:58pm 24/01/2005
mood: yipee
IM bored out of my mind. i cant stand it. to lucy: why wont u go on im? i cant talk to anybody. i had fun on friday and u shoulda been there! it was fun. how's george! he's SO cute! i need to dee him sometime. i need to see u sometime too! gotta go now! luv ya! bi
at school   
12:13pm 17/12/2004
mood: Pajamas and candy canes!
i'm at school now and i'm in my study hall. we're allowed to go on the internet oon fridays. anyway, i said hi 2 luli and she was all stingy because she was tired. however, i love the boxers over the pants thing. i luve ya luli and come over 2 my house later!
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09:45pm 11/12/2004
mood: butt load of homework
i'm at the people house who i baby sit. i love the kids here. they're awesome. the only problem is that i have a butt load of homework to do. i really have to go right now to finish it so..... off i go. oh ywah, i heard that the marilyn manson concert was awesome! marilyn manson all the way!
really ticked off   
06:10pm 23/11/2004
mood: i don't understand
i just got back from the worst 2 1/2 hour swim practice and it turns out that we have to swim for 1 1/2 hours during our break wich really stinks. luli promised me that she and i and alex would get together after i'm done with swimming and my friend, amy, so she can be with luli tonite and meanwhile, i was crushed and once they left, i started to cry. i mean seriously, thanx for breaking a promise to me which i was really looking foward to me. right now, at this very moment, i have no friend at all. no ones there for me when i feel like crap. i'm really sensitive and luli and amy know that i get depressed and hurt really easily. i'm afraid that luli's going to win back her trust and know she's going too far with brandon. that's absolutly disgusting what they did. well, she made me hurt so bad even when i'm writing tis letter cry. may and luli are probably having a lot of fun without me and forgetting about me....sniffle....geeze, waht's wrong wth me that no one can tell the truth to me. you might as well just tell me. personally, i think it's right to tell the truth than tell a lie. lies r more powerful. if no one had lied to me, luli would be my best friend and i wouldn't be crying right now. i have to go now and i'm going to say it once again that luli's going to have to gain my trust back. i still love her and all but she knows that's no fair to me and i get depressed easily. plus, i really want that cd, luli. i love u.
ate breakfast   
11:01am 21/11/2004
all i had was a banana and i'm stuffed.
i've read all of luli's letters   
10:41am 21/11/2004
mood: no one's sholder to lean on
boo hoo. luli, thats way too much what happened to brandon and u. from now on, you haveta ask me to go out with anyone. soory, but that was scary. u r lucky that u get hugs with alex. how r u to? we need to have a sleep over sometime. y do ya always talk about 'em. u r lucky that u and brandon are so close. i hope that i get a real, close friend like that where we do everything together and they make me not depressed all the tim. sorry, i'm being a shit bag today and i hope that doesn't effect u luli. it just seems that u, amy, and brandon r a group and i can't fit in in any way. fell sorta left out if ya know what i mean. u and brandon always together. u and amy always together. i don't have a real close friend like that and i hope i will in later life. personally, i hope that will happen next year. i'm sorta jelous that you guys r always together and having fun. .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... o well. feel like shit right now and i'm signing off.
i love luli   
10:18am 21/11/2004
mood: loved
Sunday and I'm not going to church!   
10:05am 21/11/2004
mood: crushed
blah blah blah. tomarrow we have to go to school and i really don't want to and i haven't even done my homwork yet. at least i have all day. i had to babysit last night and it wasn't at all bad. the kids actually didn't wipe their boogers all over the wall. They're adorable when they don't. i can't wait until luli and alex and myself get together today at luli's house. we get to torture her little sister i hope. and if alex can't come, me and luli will have a fun time together. i went skating with her last night for a friends party and it was really fun. i scared myself by reading a few chapters of the book "it" and i really want to keep reading. that's okay though...i guess i'll have to wait. the bad thing about last night is that luli went with brandon bowling and sorta left me out so sorta felt bad and didn't really talk to anyone else that night exept for my family. and i did say bye and thanx to the birthday girl when i left which brandon and luli didn't do which the b-day girl and her parents were really mad about. they had to be told so say thanx and bye by the b-days girls parents. sorry luli, but u didn't say good bye to amy when her party was done either. i was right there and she started to cry. one more question, can u let me in with a lot more stuff with u and brandon because i feel really left out. tell brandon that and remeber the conversation we had last night in the bathroom how i get depressed easily. also ask and tell brandon that he can trust me and tell secrets to me and i won't say a word. anyway, i still love u luli more than a lamp loves it's lightbulb and i hope we'll still love eachother untill the day we die! call me later..k?
07:26pm 18/11/2004
mood: artistic
hi everybody! i'm @ the library and I've gotta go now! bye!
05:03pm 15/11/2004
mood: nerdy
i everybody! whatz up? i have to go to a bassoon lesson in 15 minutes and i really don't want to. I got to skip a 2 1/2 swim practice today and i'm SSSOOOO glad i did. anyway, i'm hoping i didn't have any homework that i didn't forget or else I'mm be in deep doo doo tomorrow @ school. i miss luli a whole bunch! i didn't have school today because of confrences. my family's watching a movie called spellbound about the natinal speeling bee last year and so far, it's getting no where. to luli: i want u to call me asap after 7:30 or i'll call u. i need 2 hear your voice. luv u more than the sun loves the moon!
Have you heard?...   
01:18pm 12/11/2004
mood: crazy
luli's in love! call me at 1-888-ears-018! i'll be waiting for your call!
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Luli's Entry   
01:12pm 12/11/2004
mood: calm

hey, this is Lucy AKA luli! Look me up! Loopie_looloo, I just helped Hattie make this. Oh yeah, I feel so smart baby! lololol, anyways, I am soooo sleepy. We called Alex, he is hott man! lol, Hattie is like ok then...He sounds so old on the phone, its hott! Hatties like Not, well she doesent see how hot Alex really is!

Hi, this is Hattie. Sorry that Luli got so carried away with her love life with Alex. The only reason why she thinks that Alex is SOOOOO hott is because...well, duh, she goes out with him! however, he IS really nice and Luli says that he's sizzlin'. And if anyones going to the Marilyn Manson concert on November 29, PLEASE contact me ASAP! i love 'em! lol!

Lulis Here   
12:20pm 12/11/2004
mood: lazy

My annoying brother is playing Madden which I think is the most boring game in the world..but hey! LULI'S here! We have no gerneral Idea what to do. We're gonna call Alex later on. My dog peed on the carpet and Luli sends her love to everyone reading this random letter her love. To Amy: I still have it!